Development division

An exceptional corporate citizen, Caltech has been helping drive the development of Timor-Leste for more than 20 years through our successful business operations and CSR programs. Genuinely committed to a better and more sustainable future for Timor-Leste and its people, Caltech has been involved in numerous aid projects, helping deliver all sorts of positive outcomes .
Wanting to utilise our aid partner experience to further benefit Timor-Leste and specifically to improve the management of aid funded projects, Caltech launched our development division in 2021.

 We are confident that a greater percentage of the aid money that is so generously donated to Timor-Leste will directly benefit its people if it is managed by an in-country Timorese entity such as Caltech. We’re able to offer a lower cost and more efficient aid management model than what you typically find in most developing nations around the world. Significantly ‘Caltech Development’ will be staffed and managed by an expert and overwhelmingly Timorese team who not only intimately understand the development challenges of their country but who are also incredibly committed to its prosperity and sustainability. 

Sheilla Abilio Corte Real de Caldas – Co-founder, Proprietor, Advisor

A development model managed by in-country expertise and passion, overseen by international excellence