Caltech has established a potent development footprint – opening opportunities for local Timorese talent to attain skills to international performance standards and practice competencies in meaningful employment. Additionally, through its commitment to gender diversity in a country where the norm is for girls and women to assume traditional roles, Caltech has delivered significant capabilities and empowerment gains for its sizeable female workforce.


Clough Amec and Caltech have a longstanding business relationship. Caltech’s expertise and in-depth local knowledge has assisted us to navigate the challenges of operating in what is a remote and unique location with a complex history. A reliable and trustworthy in-country service provider is invaluable. Caltech have consistently proven to be steadfast in their support while remaining dynamic with the solutions and services they can provide. Our companies’ combined effort maximises the effectiveness of our local development programs and helps build a positive future for the Timorese people.