Code of Ethics

Caltech is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental behaviours in the workplace, in the way we conduct business and interact with our stakeholders.

This includes the provision of safe and fair working conditions, and the protection of employee’s rights.

Caltech is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment free of discrimination, harassment, bullying, aggression and violence.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, whatever its basis, including but not limited to in respect of race, nationality, creed or religion, political opinion, colour; age, sex, social status, physical or mental disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Caltech also requires maintaining the highest degree of authenticity in dealing with employees, potential employees, suppliers, clients, our community and authorities.

As such, all members of Caltech must conduct their daily activities in an ethical manner and must not seek to gain competitive advantage by means of unethical or dishonest practices including, without limitation; bribery, corruption, reward, the provision or promise of gifts, favours or services.

Accordingly, as a condition of employment with Caltech, all employees regardless of their positions, must agree to abide by this policy and have a past in accordance with those principles.