A purpose-driven organisation. Enjoy the ‘Caltech Advantage’

Caltech is a mature, professional and ethical entity. Our proven management systems enable the delivery of best practice services to a sophisticated and demanding international clientele.  Our IMS is developed in accord with:

International standards for quality management

Occupational health & safety

Environmental management

Our services are many and integrated – our diverse and expert team is highly skilled, committed and passionate.  Our Dili headquarters is staffed with multi-lingual local employees (Tetun and English as a minimum) as well as English-speaking expatriate specialists who intimately understand the nuances of conducting business in Timor-Leste.
Ensure that Caltech is your first point of contact when exploring business and investment opportunities in Timor-Leste, as well as environmental technologies, processes, and products for a sustainable future.

Partnerships that Maximise value and drive development

Ethical, reliable and trustworthy – you will like doing business with Caltech

It’s not just what we do but how we do it.  Sincere in our commitment to sustainability, environment, health and safety, our communities, and our partnerships – we do business the right way.
Although our client list continues to expand, we pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships.  These relationships are founded on trust.  Our clients know that they can trust Caltech to uphold the highest standards and deliver on our promises.
A value-driven group of businesses, an exceptional corporate citizen.  We know that you will like doing business with Caltech.

Innovative, responsive and solutions-focussed in a challenging environment

Caltech’s successful expansion and diversification is built on our capacity to innovate, and problem solve not only for our own businesses but often for our clients.
Sometimes our solutions are process or systems driven, at other times our construction, fabrication and manufacturing capabilities are required (e.g., our recycled plastics products and water sanitation stations).
Our diverse, passionate, and ‘can do’ team are central to our capacity to innovate and problem solve – they are the perfect combination of international expertise and creative local know-how.

Collaboration and partnerships are essential

Genuinely committed to building a better Timor-Leste, Caltech is committed to partnerships that help drive the nation’s sustainable development.   We know that helping our business partners succeed will in turn help Caltech succeed.
There are many ways you can partner with Caltech.  A partnership with us can be as simple as a local content provision contract or a product distribution agreement.  It can also take the form of a Joint Venture or even shared ownership in a new business.
We are keen to collaborate on new ventures that help support our vision for a better Timor-Leste.