Corporate governance : The right way - always

We are committed to the principles of Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Responsibility – ensuring they guide all aspects of our decision making and operations. We require our workforce, clients, and other business partners to comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and best practice.

We are committed to building a better Timor-Leste.

Equality, diversity & inclusion : It’s all about our people

We are committed to the provision of meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities that enable our staff to reach their full potential irrespective of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.  We are an inclusive Equal Opportunity Employer – embracing diversity.
We are proud to be an ‘Employer of Choice’ for Timorese women.  We are equally proud of our track record in placing Timorese women in non-traditional roles – many of them in the oil and gas sector.

Women represent 27 percent of our workforce

Women hold 56 percent of our management roles

A responsible business : Going beyond compliance

Caltech’s responsibility, as a business with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit, is to put social value at the heart of everything we do.  We are accountable to the people of Timor-Leste, our employees, our business partners, and many other stakeholders.
Our sense of responsibility is much greater than the ‘bare minimum’ as ‘benchmarked’ by the law.  Indeed, we are helping to lead the Timor-Leste business community in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
Caltech programs focus on the Environment, Health, Education, and Social Welfare.

Health, environment, Safety & wellbeing

Safety : There is nothing more important at Caltech than working safely

Caltech draws upon two decades of safety experience, servicing our clients in the high risk and safety vigilant oil and gas sector, as well as the construction and manufacturing sectors.  Safety underpins everything we do.  It is embedded in our culture and our systems.
Our staff are extensively trained in both their actual job as well as the industry specific safety requirements of our clients.  We understand, enforce, and comply with international best practice and safety standards.
Employee training and development underpins continuous improvement in safety and in risk management throughout our workplaces, operations and processes.

 The safety of our employees as well as those of our business partners and the Timorese community, is a value which will not be compromised.

Jean Vezina CEO & Co-Founder, Caltech

Health : Healthy at work – healthy at home. Our business partners benefit.

Caltech invests in the health of its employees whilst they are at work and when they are at home.  Irrespective of whether a health concern may be work related or not, our employees are provided with high quality, free healthcare.  Our staff also benefit from health education programs and staff vaccination programs.  Many of our staff health initiatives also have a positive effect on employees’ families and their broader communities.
All of our worksites provide nourishing, healthy and affordable food for employees.

Our business partners reap the rewards of
a healthy Caltech workforce.

Environment : A future beyond the bin

Caltech is committed to making positive steps in the reduction and management of waste in Timor-Leste.  Our Environmental Services Division is providing support to the wider public and industry within Timor-Leste with services ranging from solid waste collection, recycling and disposal, liquid waste collection and disposal, and the production of recycled plastic products.  Our IMS is being developed in accord with the requirements of ISO14001 Environmental Management.

Looking after our Caltech family helps us look after business

Wellbeing : Caring for the Caltech family

We care for much more than the safety and health of our employees.  We care for their total wellbeing.  This means that we also care for their families and their communities.  Commitment to the mental wellbeing of our employees is fundamental to our business strategy. We create supportive workplace environments which, along with awareness programmes and mentorship, enhance employees’ capacity to safeguard their mental health.
For personnel who join the Caltech enterprise, we work hard to ensure their economic welfare is secure, providing cross-training and creating ongoing employment for many when their secondment to a client comes to an end. This reflects the care we have not only for them but for their extended families who may depend on them.
We look after our people financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.