Our workforce

Committed and skilled – rich in local content

Caltech attracts, develops, and retains the best of the Timorese talent pool.  Our workforce is diverse, and we are proud of the number of women we employ (as well as those we recruit on behalf of our business partners) in management roles as well as in non-traditional roles. Not only do we have employees who have worked for us since Caltech’s inception, we now have generations of the same families working for us across our divisions.

Our Dili headquarters is staffed with multi-lingual local employees (Tetun and English as a minimum) as well as English-speaking expatriate specialists.

Caltech staff benefit from a considerable investment in training and development opportunities.  They are supported, challenged and empowered so that every day they can deliver value-maximising solutions for our business partners.

Our senior managers

Our senior management team has the perfect combination of in-country expertise and international business savvy.  Driven, professional and dedicated to Caltech’s vision of a ‘better Timor-Leste’, our managers are highly respected and valued by our business partners and staff alike.

Caltech managers are experts at harnessing and maximising the talent and local knowledge of their workforces – increasing efficiencies, solving problems, and maximising client value. Significantly, they are adept at navigating the unique and challenging business environment of Timor-Leste to the benefit of business partners.


Joana Araujo

Owner’s Representative

Caltech Group


Laurentino Pereira

Finance Manager

Caltech Group


Sarah Green

Principle Client Relations

Caltech Group


Domingos Nunes

Operations Manager

Caltech Marine


Xaninha Miranda

Operations Manager

Caltech Services


Arnaldo Basmery

Operations Manager

Caltech Hospitality


Rojerio Hornai

Operations Manager

Caltech Construction


Zak Tahana

Construction Manager

Caltech Construction


Elisario da Silva

Circul-R Plant Manager

Caltech Environmental

Experienced, Diverse  Passionate.

Let the Caltech team support your operations and underpin your success.

Our executive team

Our high calibre Executive Team has a wealth of international business expertise across multiple sectors, including construction, oil and gas, project management, and environmental services.  They have unparalleled experience founding, growing and diversifying businesses in Timor-Leste’s unique and evolving business, political and social landscape.
Their genuine and unwavering commitment to a better Timor-Leste, together with their desire to see every one of their staff thrive, sets Caltech apart.


Sheilla de Caldas

Co-founder, Owner, Advisor

Born and raised in Timor-Leste, Sheilla has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years following a stint in administration with Médecins Sans Frontières and the UNDP in Timor-Leste.

Sheila played a central role in diversifying Caltech’s business interests from its early days as a Project Management entity.  She has been heavily involved in the contracting and construction aspects of the Group, as well as its tourism, hospitality and catering ventures.  Sheila is also the General Manager of several Caltech businesses.

Timor-Leste is undoubtedly a ‘land of opportunity’ for developers in search of exciting and rewarding business ventures.  The Caltech Group of Companies is committed to assisting international operators and investors do business in Timor as their presence and success is the key to the sustainable development of the country.


Jean Vezina

Co-founder, CEO

A Civil Engineer from Canada, Jean has 25 years of international construction experience with aid organisations and the private sector.

He came to Timor in 1999 as part of a Médecins Sans Frontières emergency team, remaining in the country after leaving them in 2000 to contribute as a private contractor to the emergent nation’s re-construction effort.

Together with his counterpart Sheilla, Jean has been central to Caltech’s two decades of growth and diversification.  His role in the contracting and construction arms of the business developed his oil and gas sector knowledge and he continues to diversify Caltech’s onshore and offshore offerings, as well as embed Caltech more firmly into the sector’s supply chains.  A champion of sustainability and innovation, Jean plays the lead role in growing Caltech’s environmental services portfolio.

Caltech has enjoyed more than 20 years of in-country success and expansion and we’ve helped our international business partners succeed here too. With a presence in Australia, Singapore and Canada, Caltech is growing its capacity to deliver services internationally. We’re particular excited about our environmental services and the way they will benefit other companies and countries around the world.


Andy Jacob

General Manager

Andy has over 40 years international experience with oil & gas operators and service companies. He has a demonstrated track record of leading successful businesses and delivering sustainable outcomes. His strengths include strategic planning, business and operational crisis management.

To be able to help Caltech achieve their expansion goals is an exciting opportunity. Caltech’s focus on environmentally sustainable projects and building a group of diverse sustainable businesses is something our staff can be proud of.

Training and education

Caltech is committed to progressing the careers of its local employees. To ensure the security of client investment in skills development, we provide coaching and skills training to the highest international performance standards. Our provision of training and education to employees extends beyond client requirements to other work-related areas. This not only empowers and realises potential in the individual but also broadens their career and employment horizons.
Jobs at Caltech are amongst the most coveted in Timor-Leste.


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